Monday, April 1, 2013

Talkback feature on Sony Xperia Tipo

Sony xperia tipo (and tipo dual of course) comes with unique feature called talkback, which allows you to hear what's going on your phone.

When talkback is on, any event on the phone will be spoken, for example you press a button, the phone will say what button you have just press.

Talkback is a good feature for people with low visibility or even blind, so instead of using their eyes, they could enjoy smartphone through voices.

I'm actually witness a woman that's blind able to use smartphones through voice guidance just like talkback feature.

To activate talkback feature on xperia tipo, you go to "Settings", then scroll down and select "Accessibility", then click on "Talkback".

You can activate or deactivate talkback feature by turning the on/off button, and at the buttom you can click "settings" to adjust the talkback feature.

When talkback is on, your device provides spoken feedback to help blind and low-vision users. For example, it describes what you touch, select, and activate.

Talkback can collect all of the text you type, except passwords. This includes personal data such as credit card numbers. It can also collect data about your interactions with the phone.


  1. My phone is speaking the caller's number , It is very irritating please help

    1. just turn off the talkback feature :)

    2. scroll is not working, how can i turn off the feature.

  2. My phone got locked what do I do?

  3. Croll Down by both the hands it is done
    really i checked

  4. Thanks a lot. A big problem has been sort out. God bless u. 2days pehle liya tha phone. panga lete hue problem gayi thi.

  5. Thanks its very helpfull. Thanx a lot god bless u

  6. I wish there was an option to quicktoggle talkback on and off like you could with the IPhones voiceover.