Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to install CWM on Xperia Tipo

Once you have root access you can install CWM (ClockWorkMod) on your tipo, there are many ways to install CWM on tipo but today i'm going to show you the easiest way.

Alright first of all you need to download this file, once downloaded extract the zip file and then install the CWMInstaller.apk on your xperia tipo.

Now you can run the CWM installer and hit install, you will be asking for root access and just allow it to do so. If successful, now you should have CWM installed on your phone.

Great !! so how do i use the CWM recovery mode? follow these simple steps :
  • step 1, turn off your phone
  • step 2, turn on again
  • step 3, during the sony boot logo, press volume rocker down (-) repeatedly
  • step 4, you'll be taken to CWM recovery mode
Now that you have CWM v6 on my phone, i can start to load custom roms, which i will explain in the next article.

~ peace out ~


  1. It is working.

    Fantastic fact is my phone boot loader is still locked.

    Can you confirm it why?

  2. Enter into safe mode when doing volume down manipulation, need help

    1. how to make bootloader for tipo lock phone?

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