Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing Krazy Kart Racing on Xperia Tipo

Krazy kart racing is a fun racing game similar to mario kart racing on nintendo ds system. This game made by developer polarbit, and published by konami. 

On krazy kart racing you control the "car" by tilting the the phone right and left, like most racing game on android, you don't have to press button to accelerate the car.

But you need to press the power up button if you wanna use the power you get on the race track. The race track it self is fun and quite challenging.

There are three game modes that you can play, quick race, single player, and multiplayer (internet). On the single player mode, if you win a race you will unlock something, just like mario kart racing.

You can select various characters such as dracula, sparkster, frogger, evil rose, tako, pyramid head. The characters are not popular but they're quite funny i must say.

Krazy kart racing works perfect on sony xperia tipo (and tipo dual), it runs smooth without any lag problem. I heard on other devices this game crash after a few race, but this doesn't happen on my tipo.

Krazy kart racing available on google play as paid game for $3, here if you want to buy the game on google play

I also found this download link after searching on google, i believe this one is the free version, here's the link :

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