Saturday, March 23, 2013

Xperia wallpapers on Tipo

Xperia tipo comes with collection of beautiful wallpapers called xperia wallpapers, you can change your phone wallpaper by pressing the menu button (menu key), select "wallpaper", and then select "xperia wallpapers" at the bottom.

Now that we know about xperia wallpapers, i wonder where they put those wallpapers? i mean where is the actual location of these wallpapers. After searching quite while, i found that xperia wallpapers stored in this path :
And you're gonna need file browser/manager to go there, i personally love root explorer, but you can use other apps like astro or es file manager.

Once you're there just copy to your to sd card and then transfer it to your computer. If you own other android smartphones, like Samsung, HTC, or LG which has the same screen resolution (HVGA), you could use the xperia wallpapers on that phone.

Click here if you want to download xperia wallpapers (640 x 480 pixels).

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