Friday, January 31, 2014

Crystal Defenders on Xperia Tipo

Crystal defenders or should i say final fantasy crystal defenders is a strategy game made by square enix, final fantasy crystal defenders is not a RPG game.

Even though this not a RPG game, but there is still element of RPG game, like units (jobs) which consist of soldiers, archers, black mages, white monks, and thieves.

Final Fantasy 3 on Xperia Tipo

Final fantasy 3 is one of my favorite role playing game (RPG) on android, this game is originally made for nintendo ds system back in 2006, and ported to android and ios later on.

Final fantasy 3 is a good game, if you're a RPG lover then you would love playing this game. I personally have been playing final fantasy 3 a few times, i mean beat the game more than once.