Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to install bravia engine on Sony Xperia Tipo

As we know our beloved smartphone, xperia tipo doesn't have bravia engine feature. Only mid range and high-end xperia smartphones that has bravia engine inside. But don't worry we could add bravia engine on xperia tipo too, in this article i will show you how to install bravia engine on sony xperia tipo.

The purpose of adding bravia engine to xperia tipo is to enhance the graphics quality, so bravia engine will makes photos and videos quality better.

To install bravia engine, make sure :
  1. your phone already root
  2. you have root explorer
  3. you have bravia engine files. download here
Extract the bravia engine files, inside be folder, there are 3 folders : etc, framework, and lib, each folders contains files that must be copy to /system folder on your phone (copy using root explorer).

inside etc folder there are permission folder, be_album, be_movie, be_photo copy to /system/etc/
inside framework folder there is copy to /system/framework/
inside lib folder there is copy to /system/lib/

Once you copy all the files, now you have to edit /system/build.prop using root explorer, on root explorer tap on buil.prop file and hold little bit longer until the options menu shows up, then select "open in text editor".

Scroll down to the end of the file, then type following codes :


After finish editing the file, don't forget to "save & exit", next step you need to reboot (restart) your phone. Once your phone reboot, it will say "android is upgrading", just wait until it's done. Congratulation your tipo now has bravia engine inside.


  1. its say file read only when i pasting

  2. use root explorer for this process...

  3. its works on my xperia miro also thanks for ur instruction

  4. There is no form nor let others know what

  5. i want copy in system app
    an error ---- you cant paste here because the file system is read-only.
    please tell me