Friday, May 3, 2013

How to install apps on sdcard

Sony xperia tipo only has 2.9GB of internal storage, the actual user available space is 2.15GB which is enough for installing various applications.

But when you want to install games (HD games) which usually takes a lot of space, the 2GB internal storage is not gonna be enough.

What about the sdcard? yes, you can add extra storage by adding sdcard up to 64GB (i think), but still you won't be able to move the apps to the sdcard.

Because there is a restriction (copyright protection to prevent pirate software) the system won't allow you to install apps on the sdcard.

But don't worry, there is a solution to this problem (that's why i wrote this article), we know that the sdcard is mounted on /ext_card/, while the internal storage is on /sdcard/.

So the idea is to switch between internal storage and sdcard, so in the end the internal storage (the 2GB) become sdcard, and the real sdcard become internal storage.

Alright to do that, first make sure :
  1. your phone already root
  2. you have file manager such as root explorer
  3. download the modified vold.fstab file here (contains vold-rev.fstab and vold-original.fstab) we're going to use vold-rev.fstab for this project.
Now, let's get started, follow these steps :
  1. open root explorer, go to /system/etc/, find file called vold.fstab
  2. move vold.fstab to other place (for backup purpose).
  3. copy vold-rev.fstab to /system/etc/
  4. rename vold-rev.fstab into vold.fstab
  5. reboot your phone (turn off then turn on again).
  6. mission accomplished
If you do it correctly, your sdcard will become internal memory, and the internal memory become sdcard. If you have 16GB sdcard then now you'll have 16GB of internal storage and 2GB sdcard. To check, go to "Settings" and then select "Storage".

Here's screenshot of my tipo before i modify the vold.fstab :

And here's screenshot after i modify the vold.fstab :


Now you can install any games and apps you want, the sky is the limit :) 



  2. please help me,,,my phone can't read all storage.
    tell me how to resolve my problems,,,thanks

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  4. hey can we UNROOT our phone after changing it ??? pls help !!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey on my xperia m in internal storage there is only /sdcard0/Android/data or /obb. Help