Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to install walkman on Xperia Tipo

We all know that sony xperia tipo is lack of walkman app for music playback, unlike it's brother xperia miro which comes with walkman app right out of the box.

Xperia tipo and miro has the same hardware specs (same CPU, RAM and GPU), so i think tipo should be able to run walkman too, this is clearly not hardware issue.

I just don't know why sony didn't want xperia tipo to have walkman app, but never mind about that because in this article i'm going to show you how to install walkman on xperia tipo.

We're going to install walkman app manually into the system, for that you must have these requirements :
  1. your phone already root
  2. you have root explorer app installed on your phone
  3. you need the walkman app, download here.
Once you have all the requirements, follow these steps :
  1. using root explorer copy SemcWalkman.apk to /system/app/
  2. change the SemcWalkman.apk file permission into rw-r--r-- (see picture below for more detail)
  3. run SemcWalkman.apk and then select install, after install do not "open" it, just select "done".
  4. reboot your phone (turn off and then turn on again). During boot it will say "system upgrade".
  5. now, install SemcMusicVisualizer.apk and MusicWidget2.apk (normal install).
  6. congratulation you have walkman app on your tipo !!

This only temporary once you reboot the phone, the walkman app will be gone. To make it permanent follow this steps :
  1. open root explorer and then go to /system/app/
  2. move the SemcMusic.apk to other place (or simply rename it with something else)
  3. rename SemcWalkman.apk into SemcMusic.apk (see picture below)

enjoy the music, and have a nice day :)


  1. will the walkman application for tipo be a able to access the lock screen music controls ...?

  2. And is there any way to replace the xperia gallery with the album app....?

  3. i want to set the permission for xperia gallery (Semc Gallery3D). can i go with the same permission or should i have to change that? i love xperia gallery bot android gallery... i want to flash custom rom so i want xperia gallery instead of android.. please reply me soon....

  4. Works flawless on my Xperia Tipo ! Before installing this walkman,i'm also using your sofware and guidance to root my Tipo and guess what,i have never face any problems. Massive thanks to you,really appreciate...keep your good works ! :D

  5. Looks like the equalizer doesn't give any effect , can you explain it ?

  6. I am Ranjit. I have sony tipo single. I want walkmen app. Please how to install show me with screen shot.