Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playing CS Portable on Xperia Tipo

Counter Strike (CS) is one of the best first person shooter game on pc, i believe people are still playing this game until today (at least the modified version).

Counter strike is really a good first person shooting game, no doubt about that, imagine if you could play this game on your tipo.

Well, you could, thanks to the developer "studio on mars" who makes similar game called Critical Strike portable or CS portable.
CS portable is fun to play, just like counter strike on pc, there are two type of game option single player and multiplayer.

On single player you can play either classic, team death match, zombie survival or bot match mode. While on multiplayer you can battle against other people over the internet.

CS portable could be played on sony xperia tipo without any lag at all, just sometimes it takes time to load the game.
The only problem is that the screen on xperia tipo is too tiny for this game, when first play this game i often accidently press the back and home button.

But after play couple times, i get used with the small screen on my tipo, and the game becomes very enjoyable.

When you first play this game, you should adjust the directional pad on the left and the trigger button on the right. To do this, while you're playing press the adjustment button somewhere on the top, when you press this button, all button becomes red and you can drag to any where you want.
The big surprise about CS portable is that this game is totally free, so go ahead download CS portable on google play. Here's the download link : 


NOTE : tested on my xperia tipo, CS portable version 2.62

Enjoy :)

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