Sunday, December 15, 2013

Playing Pudding Monsters HD on Tipo

Pudding monsters HD is a super fun and addictive puzzle game from zaptolab the creator of "cut the rope". I really love playing this game, it works well on my sony xperia tipo.

There are two version of pudding monsters on google play, the free version and the HD/premium version. The pudding monsters HD costs about one dollar on google play.

It's funny that my other phone samsung galaxy fame could not play this game, this just a casual game with 2D graphics. This prove that xperia tipo is a better gaming device than galaxy fame.

If you own sony xperia tipo i would recommend this game for you, go ahead download pudding monsters HD on google play store.

And here's the alternative download link, in case you can't download from google play.

Here screenshots of pudding monsters HD taken from my sony xperia tipo :

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