Sunday, December 15, 2013

Playing Joining Hands 2 on Xperia Tipo

Joining hands 2 is another super fun casual games that you can play on sony xperia tipo. I never play the first game (joining hands 1) but i really enjoy playing joining hands 2 on my tipo.

Joining hands 2 is not a free game, it costs about three dollars or something, and i think this game is worth to buy, super fun and very addictive like most casual games.

The characters on this game is so cute, in fact my 10 years old little sister is really love it. The graphics in this game is presented well that can attract everyone specially kids.

Not only the graphics that is good but also the music on joining hands 2 is really relaxing, good graphics and good music is kinda standard for casual games.

Alright i don't know what else to say, this game is good, so go ahead download joining hands 2 (developed by 10tons) on google play store.

And here's the alternative download link, i found while googling.

Here's screenshots of joining hands 2 taken from my sony xperia tipo :

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