Saturday, December 7, 2013

Need for Speed Shift on Xperia Tipo

Need for speed shift is one of the best racing game on android platform, i know it's an old game but this game is still fun to play until now.

The need for speed shift is working well on sony xperia tipo, no issue, no lag at all, tipo could run this game almost perfectly.

I said almost perfect because there is a dark texture appear on the car, this don't affect the game though cause this thing happen when you're on home menu and select cars.

But when you play the game everything is fine, no dark texture appear on the car, so this just a minor issue, not really a big problem.

Honestly compared with my other entry level smartphone, samsung galaxy fame, need for speed shift is much more enjoyable on sony xperia tipo.

There is a flickering image issue playing NFS shift on samsung galaxy fame which not happen on my sony xperia tipo. This prove that tipo is much more capable for gaming than galaxy fame.

And here's the alternative download link i found while googling.

So here's screenshots of NFS shift taken from my sony xperia tipo, here you can see the dark texture on the car that i'm talking about.

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