Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to root Xperia Tipo using VRoot

Hello tipo users, today i'm going to show you how to root xperia tipo using VRoot. Recently i just flash my tipo and do an upgrade from firmware .16 to firmware .22 (stock).

So now my phone doesn't have root access and i can't use the old root method i explain here, because it's only works for firmware .16.

There are many way of rooting sony xperia tipo, and one of them is using VRoot which i'm going to show you guys now.

Note that VRoot is a chinese software and you will get a chinese super user once it's done, but no problem you still can use it without knowing anything about chinese language.

Alright let's get going, first of all download VRoot software from here, and then install on your computer or laptop whatever as long as it's running windows.

Here's step by step how to root xperia tipo using VRoot :
  • step 1, download and install VRoot on a computer
  • step 2, put xperia tipo on USB debugging mode and MTP usb connection
  • step 4, plug xperia tipo to the computer
  • step 3, run/open VRoot on the computer
  • step 5, let VRoot detect the phone
  • step 6, press the root button
  • step 7, wait until it finish
  • step 8, once finish unplug the phone
Now that i have root access on my phone, next step is to install CWM which i will explain later.

~ peace out ~

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  1. I have an Xperia Neo, but I have some issues after routing it, for example with the whatsapp download, and some other apps.