Friday, January 31, 2014

Crystal Defenders on Xperia Tipo

Crystal defenders or should i say final fantasy crystal defenders is a strategy game made by square enix, final fantasy crystal defenders is not a RPG game.

Even though this not a RPG game, but there is still element of RPG game, like units (jobs) which consist of soldiers, archers, black mages, white monks, and thieves.

There's also summoning just like typical final fantasy game, you can also collects gil (money) by defeating monsters. And the monsters are just same like on other final fantasy game. 

So basically everything on cristal defenders is same as normal final fantasy game but the way you do the battle is different, it's more like final fantasy tactics turn base strategy but little bit different too.

Anyway, final fantasy crystal defenders are working well on sony xperia tipo despite the smaller screen size, you might press the wrong button sometimes, but you'll get over it after a while.

Crystal defenders is a good time killer, you can get this game on google play store for about $5,86 USD. If you asked me is it worth it? absolutely worth it !! go buy this game for your tipo.

In case you can't afford to buy it, here the alternative download link i found while googling a while ago. If you like the game consider buying the original one to support the developer.

Here's screenshots of crystal defenders taken from my sony xperia tipo :

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