Monday, August 19, 2013

Wechat works well on Xperia Tipo

Wechat is one of the best chat application for mobile phones, wechat has unique feature such as "look around" and "shake" which makes it different from other chat apps.

And yes, Wechat works well on sony xperia tipo, if you haven't try go ahead download on google play here, it's free and you will love it.

Wechat may not have fancy stickers like Line or Kakao Talk, but Wechat definitely faster those two. But for the fastest chat apps i think Whatsapp is still number one.

Basically here's what you can do on Wechat :
  • chat with your friends
  • send voice message to your friends
  • make group chat
  • upload photos to your "moments"
  • like or comment on your friend's "moments"
  • find new friends (nearby) using "look around" feature
  • find new friends using "shake" feature
Now i'm going to give you some Wechat tips trick (tested on sony xperia tipo, Wechat 4.5.1) :
  • You can store your friends photos by opening any photos of your friend and then tap and hold the screen for view seconds, you will see three options "Send to friends", "Save to phone", or "Cancel", like this :

  • Once you store/save photos of your friends, you can find it on your phone's internal memory, it's located at /Internal Storage/DCIM/Camera. Basically you need to switch your xperia tipo to MTP mode then plug it to a pc and go to this location : 
My Computer\Sony Xperia™ tipo\Internal Storage\DCIM\Camera
The file name start with mmexport..., but if you stored profile picture of your friends the file name will be hdImg_..., all in jpeg format.

Good luck :)

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