Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skype works well on Xperia Tipo

Skype is one the most popular instant messaging software for computer, and now skype also available for smartphones such as android. And skype works well on sony xperia tipo and tipo dual.

Skype is known for it's video call capability but unfortunately sony xperia tipo lack of front facing camera so you won't be able to do skype video call on tipo.

Except the video call, everything else seems to work fine, skype really does work well on xperia tipo. If you haven't install yet, you can download skype here on google play. It's totally free.

Noticed that after you login to skype then you go to your phone contacts, you will see your skype contacts will be visible on the phone contacts. You can turn off this feature by turn off the "sync contacts" option on the skype settings.

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