Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing Temple Run 2 on Sony Xperia Tipo

Temple run 2 is the latest temple run game from imangi studio, the game is available on google play for free download. Temple run 2 has new location, new power ups, as well as new character that can be unlocked.

Honestly, this game is really fun, i'm very enjoy collecting coins, setup high score, and unlocked new character, temple run 2 is one of the great game you can have on android. 

And playing temple run 2 on sony xperia tipo is a lot fun, since xperia tipo has small size so you just use one hand to play the game. For me, usually i use my right hand to hold the phone and my thumb to control the game.

But the problem is sometimes the game become very lag, probably because the hardware (specially the CPU) on tipo are not so powerful. But this happen only at the beginning, after a few run the lag is gone.

I think the loading time of temple run 2 (when you first open the game) is very slow compared with the original temple run. But this happen not only on xperia tipo, it also happen on other device such as iphone 4s and samsung galaxy s3.

If you own xperia tipo you might wanna try this game because it's so much fun and it's also a free, go ahead download temple run 2 on google play.


  1. thanks! after read your post, i grabbed my phone and install this game immediately!

  2. very nice game. before you play stop other apps. so the problem of lagging will not happen.

    1. good tips, and also turn off the data network (3G/hsdpa)