Monday, December 24, 2012

About this blog...

Hello friends,

I create this blog to share my experience and knowledge about Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone. I hope this blog could be helpful for Xperia owners specially Xperia tipo. I will talking a lot about Xperia Tipo in this blog, such as tips and trick, how to, etc.

Sony Xperia Tipo is my first android smartphone (i use android tablet before). Besides the price, the reasons why i choose Tipo because it's small and easy to carry around (i don't like big phone). I think Xperia Tipo is good for beginners like me.


  1. how I root xperia tipo plzzzzz tell me I want root my xperia tipo st21i

  2. hello i need your help that how i can get Google ad sense account for my blog :

    1. just sign up at
      and submit your blog, wait for their reply

  3. Hey man i' ve a prob in ma tipo dual., when i connect headset (original,)of tipo dual the song is on n whn i remove it the song is playing but no sound is there n during tht any call came thn the ring is there nd whn iIreceive it earspeker is not working n loudspeaker is working , iIm tired of i help me...