Sunday, November 24, 2013

BBM works well on Sony Xperia Tipo

On october 2013 BBM app finally released for android and ios, the minimum requirement for BBM app is android 4.0 ice cream sandwich so technically xperia tipo should be compatible with BBM.

But that's not what happen, when BBM first came on google play store xperia tipo users can't download it, it says  "Your device isn't compatible with this version" like this :

Only in the recent update, xperia tipo owners can download BBM directly from google playstore. So now BBM is fully compatible with xperia tipo.

But in case you still can't download from google play store, you have to do it manually, here's BBM apk download link on 4shared.

Some of my friends report that the BBM does not work using data network but works using wifi connection, to solve this problem make sure you do this :
  1. remove any proxy address from your data network setting
  2. make sure you're using 3G/HSDPA/HSPA connection, because BBM requires high speed network
  3. if still doesn't work, try using different data network provider (use SIM card from different brand)
Is it true BlackBerry Messenger makes the battery life shorter on xperia tipo? well i don't know, but the BBM is always on so technically it consumes more battery.

Anyway this is the screenshots of BBM app on my sony xperia tipo tapioca ST21i :



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